The initiative?

As our company’s mission constant endeavor to assume its social responsibility towards the beloved homeland, and our awareness of the necessity of providing a helping hand to the Home bussinessand and small businesses at this Corona pandemic We introduce our "Be Online" initiative, which encourages small-scale entrepreneurs on the Internet and production, we initiate the creation of 1,000 e-commerce sites without the costs of design, development, and programming. This would be the first step for online marketing locally, regionally and internationally, which gives the full opportunity for the owners of these projects to complete their work in various levels and fields, and exceeded this difficult period of economic stagnation resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to reduce some of the negative effects that affected the economy, and let's start Together again.

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Our Goals

Support the small projects

After the repercussions of the Coronavirus and most of us had to sit at home, it was necessary to search for a safe way to work and bring in money, so attention turned to e-commerce through the use of websites and applications, and it became the safe way, especially for employers of the small companies.

business websites

develop and recovery the economy once again by creating new opportunities for new entrepreneurs. And achieve business

increase sales

Providing 1000 professional business websites to suit all platforms and domains, with a one-year server, especially for small business owners and home businesses.

Leading businesses

We aim to achieve prevalence in the Kuwaiti market and the Middle East and expand our business and community base to support the e-commerce movement

Your Demos

This is a sample of the websites that were designed and implemented for you in the “Be online initiative” These are some of the results of two years of continuous work


Our friends in this business Without the interest of our Kuwaiti community friends in that initiative that they supported it, we would not have been able to produce for you all this number of free websites that designed professionally in this time. you can add you logo here if you have something you give

Story of Digital Design

Our story is your story, from scratch we started from a small office working in the field of advertising in 2011 for a large company in programming sites and applications with its branches in Kuwait and Egypt and soon in UAE And now in the year 2020, we have become an integrated online marketing center, we have experts in all fields from social media and motion graphics services to designing websites and applications, and we still dream of more leadership and success and we hope that you share the dream with us, our success is not complete except with you.

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